WE’RE BACK! Indie Pearls 2023 incoming!


Long time no see, Indie Lovers. Rest assured that, despite the silence, we have been (and
still are!) looking into this year’s promising titles, looking for the ones that shine the brightest.
Needless to say, we’re coming back with the next edition of Indie Pearls, to celebrate
independent developers and their hard work.

We’re sticking to the formula

 from the previous year, choosing winners in six categories:
● Best Indie Game
● Best Music
● Best Narrative
● Best Design
● Best Art Direction
● Audience Award

Trophies in the first five categories will be given by a jury consisting of Polish game
journalists and influencers. Of course, we also want to include your voice, hence the last
Audience Award, which YOU will give to the title that stood above all else in 2023.
We will announce the nominees for all categories in January, and the Indie Pearls 2023
ceremony will take place in February. Exact dates will be announced soon. Be sure to follow
us on X and join our Discord, where you can meet other indie fans and discuss your
favourite titles with jury members.

Stay tuned!